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I have this work in progress tenatively titled Am Willing To Relocate, about some friends that skip Earth shortly after a nuclear exchange for fun and adventure Out There (which should give you a hint as to how long this work has been 'in progress'). See some bits from it here.

I'm a big Iron Chef fan, and I wrote several episode summaries based on shows that aired on Food Network in late 2000 and early 2001. They (and an original satirical episode) are available here.

I've recruited an article for The original Project Galactic Guide called Flight Simulators and the Neural System. I have my own article in work.

I've written a few very lightweight movie and book reviews.

Most adults have some kind of Drunken Teenage Story(tm). Here's mine.

...and here's another (or so you'd think).

Say, how did Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd make all that money in Trading Places?

[This one was inspired by that scene from The X-Files where Skinner tells Cancer Man that the Navajo storyteller has memorized the contents of a tape containing information embarassing to the Conspiracy]
"Sure, I'm overweight, and I come from a family with a history of heart trouble, so there are a lot of things that could happen to me. However, in the ancient oral tradition of my people, I have related an account of the events of last night to twenty Irish storytellers. Now, unless you're willing to kill every man east of the Mississippi whose name begins with "O'"..."

All samples 2000, 2001 Chris Carter. All rights reserved.

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