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Believe It Or Don't!

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As is well known (Tass used to start a lot of stories this way during the cold war. It was a clue that the rest of the story was completely false...), the world is really run by the Illuminati. Here are some things you should know.

  • JFK killed by his driver! Secret bases on Mars! Bankers run the world! Aliens peddling used UFOs in New Mexico! All this and more, here!
  • A defense of Freemasonry.
  • Another assessment of the Illuminati, written by the same guy who did the Freemasonry defense.
  • The alt.illuminati FAQ.
  • I knew it! Microsoft is responsible! Or maybe it's a Seattle thing in general, and Starbucks is the one pulling the strings...
  • Bill Clinton a consiprator? Ask Ron Brown. Actually, being Bill Clinton's friend in general isn't really a growth industry.
  • Planning a trip to Puerto Rico? Read this first!
  • Finally, what self-respecting Conspiracy page would be caught without an Area 51 link? OK, here's another one.
  • Finally finally, I bow to the masters.