Shoaff Park Disc Golf Course, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Update (July 6, 2006): I'm trying to get the updated pictures uploaded in time for the Three Rivers Open this weekend. If the guided tour gets broken, try again later.

Disclaimer: I'm not the course pro, nor do I have any official connection with the Fort Wayne Disc Golf Club. I just wanted to get something about my home course on the Web.

[Brief ad: check out or for all your disc-esque needs. Thanks for listening; now let's get back to what you came here for.]

New 30 OCT 2005: A course map is coming real soon now, as soon as I can figure out how to get a picture that's a Word document to display properly. This, courtesy of local DG'er Tom Miller (thanks!), is what I have so far.

For maximum applicability and entertainment value, we offer two viewpoints of the course, Chris and Ted. Chris is Chris Carter, casual DG'er (verrrry casual) and maintainer of this guide and the blog Dangerous Logic . He aspires to someday win an AM3 tournament. He averages around 60 (which translates to a 12 handicap the way it's computed here). Claim to fame: he's met Scott Stokely. Ted is Ted Kalogris, a grizzled veteran. As you might expect, he's a lot better than Chris is (averages around 50). Claim to fame: 1989 US Amateur champion.

Take a guided tour with them (including pictures), or just get a quick and dirty hole-by-hole description.

In the bag, Summer 2004:

  • 171g Dead Eye Discs dyed Discraft XL
  • 171g X-Clone. I have no business having this one in my bag, since I don't have nearly the snap to throw it correctly, but it's an easy way to throw a hyzer...
  • 174g Cyclone to replace the 176g Cyclone that now resides in a tree at Swinney Park.
  • 176g Comet. My best disc for straight shots in the 150'-250' range.
  • 175g Classic Roc. My money approach disc. This disc, she love me long time.
  • 164g Aviar for putting and short approaches.

General impressions

Shoaff Park's back nine is almost entirely wide open. Trees are used as obstacles rather than to define the fairway. The front nine is more wooded, but still not real real tight, and there's no undergrowth to speak of except on 7. Every hole is par 3--even the 415' fifteenth hole. There is only one set of tees and no alternate pin placements, but there are 9 temporary holes used for tourneys like Hoosier Hoser and Three Rivers Festival, which I haven't played.

The entry for Shoaff in the PDGA course directory is pretty accurate, and it includes an alternate set of directions to the park.

Coming eventually to this page

  • League schedules
  • A map of the course
  • Swinney Park Disc Golf course

Updated July 6, 2006.