U-MGo Blue!

Update 7 Mar 04: I break down Michigan's counter bootleg as used against Michigan State (.mpg, 3.6MB).

Update 5 Mar 04: I found the clip of the Mike Legg goal (QuickTime format only, sorry).

Update 1 Mar 04: I've finally pulled this page over from my old GeoCities site. It's in dire need of updating.

I'm looking for a page that had a dozen or so really good U-M football pictures from the past (one was AC making a catch in the 1982 UCLA game, another had Bo talking to a player, another was The Fade, etc...). The guy maintaining the site was asking for five bucks to defray costs, which seems pretty reasonable to me. However, I lost the URL, and attempts to find it have been unsuccessful so far. If someone knows where it is, could you please let me know?

Coming soon: audio clips from the Age of Ufer, and maybe even video clips from Bo's last season. Here's what I have right now:

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