July 06, 2005

No Word On Whether The Security Patrol Drove A Pickup With A Gun Rack

White Trash Wednesday

Whoops! I forgot today was White Trash Wednesday (that's a known side-effect of having a four-day weekend - my body still thinks it's Monday). I don't have anything ready, but I can talk about this, and I swear it's absolutely true:

On a drive through one of the many wooded areas in the vicinity of Oak Island, we came across a new white fence running along the road. After about a half-mile of this, we saw a gated boulevard entrance with a nice new guard shack. There was a sign identifying the gated community, but I don't remember what it was. Of course, the fence line continued on the other side of the entrance, but within a couple of hundred yards, we could see trailers on the other side. And I don't mean 'nice new manufactured housing that kinda looks like a regular house' trailers; I mean 'Cletus, get off your sister and drive your Uncle Dad to the county agent!' trailers.

A gated trailer park. Only in America.

It's White Trash Wednesday! Take the whole tour:

Posted by Chris at July 6, 2005 07:10 PM

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hahahaha! Uncle Dad!

Gated trailer park? are you sure it wasn't to keep people in?!

Posted by: mlah at July 7, 2005 10:19 PM