February 28, 2007

White Trash Probate

White Trash Wednesday

If you listen to the show for long enough, it should become pretty clear that Tom is the bandleader - he does almost all the interviews and generally seems to guide the show along, for better or worse. Bob is more like a sniper - he doesn't say nearly as much, but his hit percentage is way up there. Take, for instance, this exchange about everybody's favorite white-trash-girl-made-good-but-now-dead:

KRISTI LEE: Well, the fate of Anna Nicole Smith's body is in the hands of three appeals court judges in Florida.

TOM GRISWOLD: So after that gigantic circus with that idiot, Larry Seidlin...

KRISTI: ...yes, Larry Seidlin, they will decide whether to overturn a trial court ruling that meant the model would be buried in the Bahamas.

BOB KEVOIAN: Even in death, she's pulling a train with the legal system.

And as long as we're talking about White Trash royalty... Britney's still in rehab.


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