July 12, 2006


White Trash Wednesday

Stupid tattoos is a frequent WTW topic for me, and although I've heard of (and blogged about) people using them to advertise (e.g., here and here), I've never heard of someone using them to advertise themselves as White Trash.

Until today. It was his toes that tipped off the police:

CLEARWATER - Richard Costello was tripped up by his own toes, police say.

Costello, 29, was trying to hawk stolen motorcycle parts on eBay, so he laid the items on a linoleum floor and took photographs for the Web site, said Clearwater police Sgt. Greg Stewart.

Costello's feet could be seen poking into some of the images, but it was his toes - tattooed with letters spelling "White Trash" - that got him caught.

The case goes back to March 6 when a 2002 Yamaha motorcycle worth $6,000 was stolen from an apartment complex parking lot on Nursery Road in Clearwater. Owner Derek Lombard called police but continued to investigate on his own.

Lombard, 24, searched eBay and found what he thought were parts from his motorcycle for sale. He told detectives, who analyzed the photos.

They noticed "White" on the right foot and "Trash" on the left. Investigators searched jail records, which noted Costello's branded digits.

It's White Trash Wednesday! Take the whole tour:


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