June 07, 2006

Today's White Trash Public Service Announcement

White Trash Wednesday

A well-established trait of White Trashers is the belief that safety warnings are for other people. Sure, they can go a bit overcautious sometimes and be a bit nonsensical at other times (not to mention that making them is hard goddam work), but most of us can tell the difference between warnings we can ignore and warnings we need to pay attention to.

But some folks have difficulty with a warning such as DO NOT REACH UNDER MOWER WHILE RUNNING:

A Plantation man who was mowing his lawn this morning accidentally cut off his hand in the process, officials said.

The man, who lives behind the Jacaranda Golf Club in the 9600 block of Conch Shell Manor, was taken to Broward General Medical Center on trauma alert, said Joel Gordon, spokesman for the Plantation Fire Department.

It's White Trash Wednesday! Take the whole tour:


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