May 21, 2006

No Pictures, No Video, Never Write Anything Down...

...Deny, Deny, Deny. That's Chick McGee's motto, which Ina, a Malaysian IT executive probably now wishes she'd followed:

KUANTAN: "It was the worst mistake I have ever made. I am so embarrassed and this will haunt me forever".

Those words were uttered by Ina, an IT executive whose semi-nude images became the talk of Temerloh after video compact discs (VCDs) of her and her Indonesian boyfriend were sold for RM10 each.

The 25-year-old victim said she allowed her boyfriend to snap photographs of them using his handphone because she loved and trusted him.

It's not clear whether he distributed the pictures on purpose...

Unfortunately, the images were copied and distributed when her beau sent his handphone for repairs.
...but that doesn't seem to matter to people from the woman's town:
Her boyfriend returned to his hometown after he was beaten by villagers agitated by the incident.

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