March 08, 2006

'Twas To No Avail - The Rocks Were Actually In His Head

White Trash Wednesday

Today on WTW, it's fun with vacuum cleaners! Listen to this Bob & Tom caller from Monday tell a story about a gas tank, a car wash vacuum cleaner, and an impromptu rocket experiment (MP3) or read the transcript below.

Update: I've been told that this is most likely a BS story, since Mythbusters pretty much busted it in a 2005 episode.

BOB KEVOIAN: Do you have a vacuum cleaner story?

CALLER: Yes, I do.

BOB: What happened?

CALLER: I have a sister-in-law, who had a brother-in-law, who's now deceased, but it wasn't because of the vacuum cleaner.

BOB: Oh, thank Goodness.

CALLER: Yes. But he got some rocks in his gas tank, so he took his car to a car wash -

CHICK MCGEE: Oh, my God!

CALLER: - well, it was a self-serve car wash -

BOB: Uh-huh

CALLER: - and decides to vacuum out the rocks out of his gas tank.

(general laughter)

BOB: Yeah...

CALLER: So he's standing there, he starts hearing a funny kind of a roar, and all of a sudden he turns around and the vacuum cleaner tank goes like a rocket, just blows right off the cement thing that it was bolted to -

(general laughter)

CHICK: No way!

CALLER: Yeah. Well he hops in his car and drives off as fast as he can,

CHICK: Sure!

BOB: Well, yeah, like nothing happened!

KRISTI LEE: Who wouldn't?

CALLER: And then sits and watches while the fire department comes to put out this big roaring fire that happened at the car wash.

BOB and CHICK: Oh, my God!

KRISTI: But did he get the rocks out of his gas tank?

BOB: No.

CALLER: You know, I don't think so.

BOB: I'm sure that they were at the bottom of the tank, gotta be a long way to go to get to the rocks.

CHICK: Well, we know where the rocks were from - in his head! They spilled out and went into the gas tank!

CALLER: So we all had a whole lot of fun with that story.

BOB: I'll bet. Thanks very much.

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