March 16, 2005

This Diaper Changing Brought To You By

It looks as if WTW's official walking billboard has come up with another way to whore herself out (I've deleted the name of the purchasing entity since I have no real desire to contribute to their Google score):

[T]he Internet ... famous for eccentric and sometimes outrageous buys on eBay, became the official sponsors of the birth of Amber Rainey's bouncing baby boy, Parker. ... .com was the highest bidder for the honor of sponsoring the happy event, spending $5600 for the privilege. Amber Rainey is the same woman that sold advertising space on her formerly pregnant belly to ... .com several weeks ago.

In true ... .com style, the ... went all out in their role as sponsors. The masks, gowns, baby accessories, blankets, and practically everything in the delivery room displayed "... .com", including a huge banner behind the bed. Even the baby's room at home was similarly decorated, along with fabulous gifts.

"Since we advertised on Amber's pregnant belly, we felt that we should be the ones to sponsor her baby's birth," said ... .com CEO ... . "When she put this offer up on eBay, there was no hesitation on our part. We are happy to be a part of this joyous event and we wish Amber and her new baby boy all the best."

Just so you know, I don't mean 'whoring herself out' as a bad thing. As a borderline Libertarian, I think prostitution should be legal in most cases.

Mostly I'm just jealous because I couldn't get sponsorship for my son's birth. Or infancy. Or childhood. Or adolescence.

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