February 25, 2004

Sharia Aptitude Test Prep Course

Today on "SAT Prep Course", we look at word analogy questions. For instance,

What is the best word to fill the blank: Marriage:Slavery::Butchery: __?__
A) Taqija
B) Fishing
C) Jihad
D) Pederasty

A) is incorrect. While lying to infidels is encouraged, the analogy is only peripherally related to the question.

C) is incorrect. Jihad is always a correct answer; however, in this rare case, it is not the most correct answer.

D) is incorrect, as the Prophet (pbuh) was actually married to all his child brides; therefore, it was not a question of property rights.

The correct answer is B) Fishing:

A free woman cannot be 'possessed', bought or sold like other possessions; therefore Shariah instituted a 'marriage ceremony' in which affirmation and consent takes place, which gives a man the right to copulate with her. On the other hand, a slave girl can be possessed and even bought and sold, thus, this right of possession, substituting as a marriage ceremony, entitles the owner to copulate with her. A similar example can be found in the slaughtering of animals; that after a formal slaughtering process, in which the words, "Bismillahi Allahu Akbar" are recited, goats, cows, etc.; become "Halaal" and lawful for consumption, whereas fish becomes "Halaal" merely through 'possession' which substitutes for the slaughtering.

In other words, just as legal possession of a fish that has been fished out of the water, makes it Halaal for human consumption without the initiation of a formal slaughtering process; similarly legal possession of a slave woman made her Halaal for the purpose of coition with her owner without the initiation of a formal marriage ceremony.

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