August 20, 2003

Reporting For Duty At O-Not-Quite-Dark-Hundred

I'm on temporary assignment away from the regular day job helping to write a prototype as part of the proposal for this UK MoD project, which is very similar conceptually to the regular day job. We're working with a British company on the prototype -- they're doing the GUI and we're doing the heavy thinking underneath it -- and we need to coordinate with them on a daily basis. In fact, there's a small chance that I'll be traveling to the UK as part of this effort (this time yesterday, it was a pretty large chance, but the probability changes so frequently that for all I know I'll have plane tickets in my hand by close-of-business today).

Anyway, in an effort to improve the work-hour overlap between us and them (we're six time zones apart), we've been asked to start coming in at 5:00AM. Brutal, but do-able. Did you know that at 4:30 AM in mid-August in northeast Indiana, there's enough light to see? You still need headlights to drive, but, damn! That just ain't right. The reason is that northeast Indiana is about as far east as you can get and still be in the Central time zone. In the summer, at least, since as I've discussed before, most of Indiana has not yet mastered the art of setting its clocks ahead one hour in the spring and back one in the fall. Being farther east in your time zone = earlier sunrises.

Posted by Chris at August 20, 2003 02:44 PM

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