Trying to Repeat the Mistakes of the Past

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Crossposted under the Reddit Writing Prompt "Facing extinction in a in a war with a brutal alien race, a mankind that has forgotten how to go to war reaches into the past and clones its greatest, but most evil Warmasters. Will our monsters save us?" (link)

"First Commissioner, we have defeated the enemy on New Cornwall and Aries III, and have fought it to a standstill on XM435. However, Plusepheron, Malachiteris II, and all three moons of Blen have all been Converted, and there are reports of enemy probes entering the Spinward Reach."

"We can make the tools we need, but we don't truly know how to wield them. The Colonization Wars were generations ago, and no one now living - anywhwere - even remembers an ancestor who fought in them. Humanity may have evolved as a warrior-conqueror species, but apparently we have also evolved right out of it. Without some way of regaining that warrior spirit, humanity is doomed."

"There is one possibility, First Commissioner. The small-scale cloning experiments on Laboratory to resurrect ancient species from fossilized genetic material have succeeded beyond the scientists' wildest dreams. They think they can successfully clone a human. It will require all the resources of Laboratory, and it will take six months to grow the clone to adulthood, so we will only have one chance."

"Agreed. If we can't turn the tide in nine months, we will all have gills and antennae within the year. Have you identified a candidate?"

"Yes, First Commissioner. The most brutally effective conqueror in Earth One's history. Starting with only a few associates, he seized control of a medium-sized nation in less than three years and conquered a third of the planet in only five more. It took the combined forces of every other nation five years to stop him. He is particularly known for his ability to motivate seemingly ordinary people to do whatever he wanted, no matter how heinous it appeared to be."

"We need that kind of ruthlessness now; we will deal with any consequences later - if there is a 'later.' Proceed with the project, and God help us all if it does not succeed."

[six months later]

"First Commissioner, I regret to inform you that the cloning project has failed. The subject's physical body was created perfectly, and all genetic testing showed 100% congruence with the donor. However, the subject shows none of the traits we were expecting to see. He shows no leadership aptitude, he cannot seem to develop public speaking skills, and he fails to grasp the most rudimentary military or diplomatic concepts. In fact, he shows no propensity to violence of any kind. He is not the man we need to win this war, and it is too late to try to develop another."

"I suppose it was too much to hope for, to overcome millennia of cultural change in just a few months. Just out of curiosity, what was the original conqueror's name?"

"Hiller, First Commissioner. Adolf Hiller."

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