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Today's reddit WritingPrompt  ("One of your most vivid childhood memories was just planted as a cover-up.  What really happened that day?").  Note: it's fiction, but based on a faulty memory of mine that put a Red Lobster in that spot.

There's a Goodwill store on West Main Avenue in Kalamazoo, Michigan, just east of US-131 on the south side of the road.  Before it was a Goodwill, it was a Cheeseburgers in Paradise.  Before that, it was a Red Lobster.  But I'm the only person who knows that.  People disagree about what was there before the second-string Jimmy Buffett eatery - some say it was a Taco Barn, others think it was a TGI Friday's, still others are pretty sure that it was a vacant lot - but to this day I haven't met anybody else who knows what I know.

And that's because the Shadow has blinded them.  Or, more correctly, made them see something else.

I, however, can see it plain as day in my mind's eye: the 'b' in "Red Lobster" would flicker and occasionally go out whenever the A/C unit kicked to full power.  There was a pothole in one of the handicapped parking spaces big enough to dump a wheelchair.  If the wind was strong enough, the front door would occasionally catch a gust and slam all the way open, making a "BANGwubwubwub" noise as it hit the wall and the plexiglass vibrated (they'd given up using actual glass in it after about the fourth time it shattered).

I know all this despite never having been to the restaurant myself.  I don't know how I know; I just know.  What I don't know is why the Shadow has blinded everyone except me.

== end ==

There are a few directions I could go from here - my original approach was to do the inverse of the prompt - *my* memory is correct, everyone else's is wrong - but a couple of other possible avenues opened up as I was writing:
  • The narrator is convinced he's correct, but he's just crazy.  There is no Red Lobster, there is no Shadow, and people disagree about what was there before because, well, they just don't remember or pay attention all that well.
  • Yes Shadow, yes Red Lobster, and all kinds of occult things happened there that the narrator was (an unwitting) part of.
But the one I would go with if I ever worked on this thread some more is this:

The narrator's name is Red, he once had a sister who was in a wheelchair, but she's gone now.

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