At Least She Can Point To Her Record Of Legislative Successes - Oops, Never Mind.

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Let me get this straight - not only did the first female Speaker of the House not get a headlining speech at her party's convention...

"Now we have Nancy Pelosi bloviating, and I say that in an affectionate way, behind us," [Bill] O'Reilly said. "It doesn't seem like the crowd is on the edge of their seats."

Fox's viewers weren't allowed to judge for themselves. Same thing for CNN at the time, where Wolf Blitzer was holding court as Pelosi talked. Among the cable news networks, only MSNBC gave Pelosi's speech any real attention.
... the keynote address was given by the candidate's wife.

Now *that's* respect.


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I bet someone called moonbat on Pelosi. And Michelle Obama appears to be as good a speaker as you could ask for.

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