The Law Of Unintended Consequences Has Been In Effect For A Lot Longer


California just enacted a new law requiring that people who use cell phones while driving also use hands-free devices. I wonder what happened to the accident rate last week, since all these people are now distracted by fiddling with brand-new (and unfamiliar) hands-free devices.


I figure the A-Q boys could pull another big attack if they could figure out how to tweek cell phones. Take Dallas-Fort Worth (where the traffic is horrible anyway). Wait till the height of rush hour and then make EVERYBODY'S cell phone ring at once. Talk about mayhem and destruction....

The law should be abide by the people. And people should avoid cell phones while driving. I know it is hard but if people avoid it when driving then i think the accident rate will reduce 80%

What about all those California drivers trying to operate handguns while driving? Where are the hands-free devices for them, huh???

Stories Like This Don't Help Fight The Stereotype "'British Dentistry' Is An Oxymoron"
I wanted to post a comment on this one but couldn't find the link to do so. Just wanted to say, the dentist was actually SUSPENDED IMMEDIATELY by the GDC from practising and although she wasn't immediately officially 'struck off', in the meantime she was either suspended AND/OR in prison. And OK some British people have bad teeth but not everyone. At least we don't all have identical horse-like teeth that are huge and blindingly artificial looking, you bunch of clones.
AND at least we can get basic, decent care of our oral hygeine without having to be RICH.
Long live the National Health Service. I'm really glad we don't have the American Dental System which means that smug gits like you can patronise people who can't afford expensive orthodonty.

I heartily accept this law in my country and in any country (although not being US citizen etc). I drive about 120000 km a year (is that like 80000miles?) and if you've ever driven in a town/city while speaking in a phone you know - it's better to have handsfree.
The small cost of handsfree-device is...small. Small. In Finland (I'm from the country Nokia is from, yes) I also didn't like the law at first but when I noticed it really helped the traffic all-around me... I'm all in for handsfree-devices.
Think. Do you want to kill someone inadverently ?
I do not want to. This is a small price to pay, and FYI I've been in the net since 80's and this is my 3th public statement on any important issue...

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