The 39 Didn't Really Surprise Me. However, The 7 Certainly Did.


I was going to offer the DVD I wasted recording yesterday's game to the first Oregon fan who offered me a buck for postage. However, apparently I went all "HULK SMASH!" when I pulled the disc out of the recorder, because the next thing I remembered, I was holding a pile of polycarbonate shards and bleeding from both hands.

(sigh) Back to the basement, I guess. I better straighten up a bit; it looks like I'll be spending a lot of time there this season.



You should be thankful that Michigan doesn't have St Francis on their schedule

Heh. Yeah, I don't even have an answer to that, except for maybe a Bills joke, and that's only because the Lions won.

The only way this disaster gets mitigated even a little bit is if App State, Oregon, and Michigan all pound every remaining opponent into bonemeal.

And even then, Michigan will still be the only ranked I-A team ever to lose to a I-AA team.

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