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White Trash Wednesday

That's right, folks, the adventures of 'Cletus' and 'Jolene' are back after a long layoff. Today's story comes from just down the road in Indy:

An Indianapolis mother says she did neglect her two children. Police found Nancy Dyer's three-year old son wandering I-465 on Dec. 30. At her trial Monday morning Dyer's attorneys and the prosecuting attorney agreed on a plea deal.
. . .
State police found her three-year-old son Damon wandering I-465 on Dec. 30. Police found Dyer in her apartment with her two-year-old daughter who had been eating food from the trash. Dyer told the judge she was asleep at the time.

Dyer admitted her guilt to a similar incident when apartment complex employees found that same three-year-old wandering in the parking lot just two days before they found him on the highway.
Kid's got the travelin' jones, no doubt about that. Geez, lady, buy a better lock!

One other thing - she has a three-year-old, a two-year-old, she's pregnant now, and

"I don't know that any time being served is going to solve anything for her," said [Dyer's father Chuck] Lindgren, 65. "I'd rather her go into some kind of program to enhance her parenting skills."

. . .

Her newborn will be her sixth child. Lindgren adopted a son who now is 15, and 11- and 13-year-old daughters live with their father in Florida.
I don't think 'parenting skills' will help. She's had five tries to get it right, and it doesn't look like she's figured it out yet.

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