Today's Sign I'm Going To Hell

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On the bulletin board in the break area at work, there's a flyer for an OCD support group. It says they meet Tuesdays at 8:00 PM.

The first thing I thought of when I saw that was "..and again at 8:03, and again at 8:06, and again and again and again until we get it juuuuuuuust right."

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"We will meet Thursdays at 8:00pm, provided all attendees have washed thier hands, counted the coffee stirrers 7 times, turned the lights on and off in sets of threes, and only if all the chairs are in a symmetrical shape with male and female attendees arranged in proper alternating order.

If you would like to attend, sign the list below. Then sign the lsit to the right. Then please sign the list to the left. If you sign the left sheet before you have signed the right, you may not attend.

Full list of procedures to follow. Please arrive at least 3.36 hours before the 8:00 starting time to complete these in time for the meeting."

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