Y Not Bubba? 'Cuz It Be Dam Stoopid!

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It's a free country - that's why you've got the right to change your name, and why I have the right to laugh at you when you change it to something stupid:

A southeast New Mexico man has changed his name to Y Not Bubba, and why not?

According to the easy-going truck driver, at birth he was given up for adoption and has spent the next 14 years in and out of foster care, so he decided he wanted a new name, for a new future.

. . .

"Why not Bubba? Everybody knows me as Bubba, so why not Bubba, and that's kind of how the name stuck," he said.
By that logic, I should probably change my name to 'Asshole.'

1 Comment

Wow,....such a juicy temptation. I hardly know where to start!

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