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This was a little odd, but it brought a smile to my face - explicitly kosher teriyaki sauce:

Veri Veri Teriyaki

This one, though, makes me want to track down the perpetrators and force-feed them prime rib - Tofu Cutlet:

Tofu Cutlet


I've actually tried the teriyaki-- it's pretty good. The company makes at least one other sauce/marinade called "Soy Vey," also pretty good.

I haven't tried the cutlet, but did have something similar: a Tofu steak. I have to eat very low-fat these days, so that means very little meat. VH thought he was being nice when he brought home a ribeye for himself and a Tofu steak for me.

I have no idea how the tofu steak actually tastes, but I can assure you that VH's ribeye was yummy. He has to take my word for it, too. ;)

I swear by "Veri, Veri Teriyaki" Sauce. I don't obey Kosher so my only considerations is the fact that it tastes great; and since it sugar level is so low it does not form that burnt-sugar-crust-from-heck that most teriyaki marinades do.

BTB, as a word of warning make sure after you open it you stir the sesame plug with a butter knife, it's the only way to get it mixed

VK - I guess the tofu cutlet could actually be edible. One of my New Year's resolutions was to be less prejudicial, so I suppose I should at least try it before passing judgement.

But, geez, it's tofu. I just... can't.

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