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I've been listening to almost every original hour of Bob & Tom for going on three years now, and as a result there isn't a whole lot the gang can say that will cause me to bust out laughing to the point of instability (however, the comedians on the show are another matter entirely).

One of those things was yesterday, in celebration of Presidents' Day, when they did 'Memorable Moments in Presidential History.' Specifically, this one:

HISTORY GUY (Dean Metcalf): Andrew Jackson would sign Presidential vetoes in the blood of the Congressman who wrote the original bill.

I also learned something yesterday that I found very odd, given what we know about his taste in movies - Bob is not at all a fan of Ron Jeremy. Granted, Hedgehog was one unattractive SOB, but you'd think Bob could find a special place in his perverted little heart for such a pioneer in his field.


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While not a personal fan of Ron Jeremy, I have enjoyed his work in the past. It gave me hope that all you needed was a huge johnson to get hot chicks to spread their legs for you.

Oddly, it never worked for me.

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