It's Like 40 More Days Of Mardi Gras


Overheard in the hallway this morning...

A: "What'd you give up for Lent this year?"

B: "Self-denial."

A: "How's that working out for you?"

B: "Oh, man, it's awesome!"


I tried giving up Catholocism for Lent one year.

Heh. I gave up "Not reading Piers Anthony" my sophomore year in college.

Upon further review, I think I'd have been better off not even making that particular sacrifice.

I tried giving up Mt. Dew for lent but was thwarted by a particularlly brutal 'intervention' by my co-workers for my 'irrational behaviour, brutal mood swings, and a black-hole-like malaise'.

It's 'sacrifice,' not 'suicidal recklessness,' bro.

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