You Had To Know This Was Going To Happen


As soon as I heard about the motion-sensitive controller for the new Wii, which allows players to use real-life motions to control game actions like swinging a tennis racket, I knew that at some point one of them would become a missile. I would have put my money on '100mph fastball wild pitch breaks lamp,' but apparently the winner is 'bowling ball trashes SIXTY-INCH TV!'

So there's this dude who was playing Wii Sports bowling, as his story goes, and his pal rolls a Lebowski and the next thing you know the strap breaks from the force of the swing; his slippery hands let loose, and the Wiimote flies like a missile and cracks his pal's TV. . . . this guy really is out a 60-inch TV. . ..


I picked one of these systems up Saturday at midnight (preorder). Anyone that loses a remote like that is just being way to hard on the thing. All you need is a nice flick to get things to work.

I have yet to come close to hitting my TV, although I have smacked my kids once or twice 'accidentally'.


DATE: 12/19/2006 11:19:45 AM

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