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I've been getting a (relatively) huge spike in hits to the Office Lexicon from google.co.uk searches for "office jargon." Can anybody explain this to me?

And as long as I'm talking about the Office Lexicon, I may as well add this entry I've recently heard:

Pull A Scotty - To tell your boss that a given (difficult) task will take X time, but you finish it in X/2 (or X/5, or even X/10) time. From Scotty on ST:tOS, who would tell Captain Kirk that (say) regonculating the warp core retroincavulators would take days, but would complete the task in hours because the survival of the ship depended on it. (Courtesy co-worker Tim O.)


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It's probably something to do with this story - http://tinyurl.com/yjpef6 - which has been picked up by most of the newspapers here:

'According to the poll... employees have a low opinion of colleagues who use management jargon. Four in ten (41%) of those surveyed in the sector think it betrays a lack of confidence and almost one in five (18%) think people who use it are untrustworthy or trying to cover something up.'

In other news, 57% of respondents believe the Pope may have Catholic tendencies.

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