A Ho's Gotta Do What A Ho's Gotta Do

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White Trash Wednesday

Extra Special Bonus WTW Bonus Friday Special Edition!

This one's so hot it can't wait until next Wednesday:

At about noon on Saturday, several residents at Friendly Acres Mobile Home Park, 3574 W. U.S. 20, contacted LaPorte County police.

A woman was observed having sex with a man inside a limousine parked on one of the streets.

The windows of the green, Cadillac limousine were not tinted, providing a clear view for a large crowd that had gathered, including many children, police said.

Several adults witnessing the activity hollered for the pair to stop, but witnesses said the man and woman continued.
Sounds like dude chose a really bad parking spot for his transaction. Here's another reason why:
When police arrived, Sgt. John Boyd said in his report the woman was approached, but denied the allegations.

However, the manager of the trailer park, Mark Stantz, informed police the limousine was parked in front of a surveillance camera, which captured what appeared to be a man and woman in the limousine having sex.

When told about the footage, the woman did not confess, but said, "I gotta do what I gotta do for my kids and family," Boyd said.


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