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A Bob & Tom three-fer today (actually yesterday, blah blah blah I'm a day behind, yada yada yada podcast during workout). Laura and Tom read from a [London] Times story about how the 'metrosexual' may not be a modern invention:

Scientists examining prehistoric bodies found in the peat bogs of Ireland have discovered evidence of careful grooming on male corpses. One of the bodies, dug up in 2003 at Clonycavan, near Dublin, had Mohawk-style hair, held in place with a gel substance. The other, unearthed three months later 25 miles (40km) away in Oldcroghan by workmen, had perfectly manicured fingernails.

The findings on the bodies, which are 2,300 years old, suggest that despite living in the Iron Age, ancient man had some very modern concerns.

This led comedian Andrew Kennedy (whom I WILL see if he comes to the Fort) to speculate that not all may have been as it appeared to be:

Meanwhile, there's some ... Irish guys talking about it at a pub, how they dug up these bones and did the mohawk and then put them back in there - 'Oh, that was funny, wasn't it? It's all over their news, can you believe it? They think they had a mohawk, stupid bastards!'

I would have taken it one step farther:

'Let's finish our pints and go out and do some crop circles after!'


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