No Gravy Train For Me. All My Ancestors Were On The Winning Side.

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White Trash Wednesday

Dr. Bukk, he of the fake teef, has a different take on the idea of Civil War War Of Northern Aggression reparations:

As you probably know, the people collectively known as "white trash" suffered more losses during and after the War of Northern Aggression than any other group! This discrimination has ruined our life for more than a century. That explains why today we are so funny looking.

Our brave ancestors fought against Yankee aggressors even though they did not own any slaves. Why? The question has plagued historians because slave owners, and even their slaves looked down on us white trash. There was nothing in it for us, yet we fought hard! We fought to preserve our Southern way of life. A life where you could grow corn and make your own tax-fee whiskey. A life where you could put woodland wildlife on the table, so long as you had the ammunition. A life where the womenfolk did all the drudgery while you gambled, drank, fought, farted and belched your life away.

RTWT, which in this case means "Read tha 'hole thang!"

Or find somebody to read it to you iff'n you ain't gotcher GED yet.

It's White Trash Wednesday! Take the whole tour:


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