Anybody Need A Free Pepsi Ringtone?


I've got about 20 more Pepsi Smash ringtones than I'll ever use, and it appears that I can cash them in for cell numbers other than just my own. So poke around there, find one you want, and let me know via email (parking underscore god ayat yahoo dawt com). First come first serve; offer ends August 20th.


No thank you.
I refuse to use the "extra" features of the cellphone networks until they no longer charge extra (per month!) for the privilege of being able to use a feature (i.e. the download/internet capability) that is built into the network (and doesn't really cost them any more to provide). If it is a necessary part of my mobile telecom experience, it should be included in my normal monthly service fee (which is too expensive for what you get, anyway). The fact that they get away with it merely shows that too many people are dumb enough to let them (cough--present company excluded--cough).

I agree with you in general, DOotS, but I find text messaging pretty useful, and being able to IM somebody on my team to find out something for me while I'm in a meeting has come in handy on several occasions. And even though I don't have a camera on my phone (at least not until my SLVR gets here), there are times I wish I had.

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