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White Trash Wednesday

Double Bonus WTW Post! I suppose this guy couldn't have been too surprised, given that it was anger management class, but I'm guessing he wasn't expecting this:

VALPARAISO | A woman attending anger management classes became irate during a Wednesday morning class, threatened to kill a classmate, then went out to the lobby and broke a display case, Valparaiso police said.

Teresa Prenderville, 32, of 2956 Brown St., Portage, was arrested on charges of intimidation and criminal mischief.
It starts out innocently enough:
The specialist in the meeting room told police a 26-year-old man walked in and asked Prenderville if the seat next to her was taken.
Y'know, I once asked Alex Trebec if the seat next to him was taken, and all I got was a cold stare, because we'd been told that contestants weren't supposed to talk to anybody who had access to the questions. Sure, I felt about two inches tall once I remembered that, but his response was vastly preferable to Prenderneck's:
The specialist told police Prenderville immediately started yelling to the man, "I'm going to put a cap in you and send you to heaven."

Prenderville is accused of repeating the threat several times -- causing the man to become visibly shaken and start crying. She is also accused of threatening another client before storming out of the room.
Problem solved, right? Au contraire, mon ami - chica was just warming up:
A staff member told police Prenderville grabbed a plastic display from the lobby counter and threw it, breaking it. The staff member stated Prenderville then punched the display case at the front door, bending the door frame and damaging the glass. The damage is $200.

Prenderville, who was located walking away from the facility, told police she became angry because a man was making fun or her. The staff and the man, however, said he only asked to sit near her.
And the punch line - so absurd that I have to assure you I didn't make it up?
Police reports state Prenderville does not have a mental disability or illness, but does have a behavior problem.

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