Not Only That, There's No Such Thing As A 'Golden Lab'

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Comedian Brian Posehn (you may know him from such roles as creepy mailguy Kevin on Just Shoot Me or Cousin Larry on Kim Possible) scores Remark of the Day for last Thursday's Bob & Tom show with this one:

I know how to make nerds mad, because I'm a nerd, and it's by getting their obsession wrong. So these guys are waiting for the Star Wars movie, and I would pull up and go "Star Trek sucks!"

And then I realize that I automatically correct anyone who erroneously refers to one of my favorite hobbies as "frisbee golf:"

"No, it's disc golf. 'Frisbee' is just a brand name. It'd be like calling that little game you play with the ball and the sticks 'Titleist golf.'"
But I always knew I was a nerd anyway, so it's all good.


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