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Ace (via Potfry) has pointed me to a site where you can actually ask PETA questions.

Boy, are they going to regret that one, and if 1/10th of the questions in the comments of Ace's post get sent to Carla, she's going to need therapy - that is, if she doesn't already for being a human-hating animal-worshiper.

So here's my question:

Dear Carla,

Recently, some Canadian geese have migrated into my neighborhood and decided they don't want to migrate out of it. Their droppings are a real nusiance and are starting to become a health hazard, especially for my canine life partner, who has developed a taste for them. I want to deal with the geese in a humane fashion.

So what I need to know is how fast I should hit them with my car to kill them as quickly and humanely as you kill 85% of the unwanted dogs and cats that come into your possession?

Update: Apparently you can't actually submit a question to be answered. Too bad.


1 Comment

My favorite so far (there are an awful lot of enthusiastic submissions to browse through):

Dear Carla,

My swallow spits.

What's up with that?


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