R.I.P. Indiana Stupid Time


I always maintained that there were six time zones in the continental US: Eastern Time, Central Time, Mountain Time, Pacific Time, Indiana Stupid Time, and Arizona Stupid Time, to reflect the fact that Indiana and Arizona use Eastern / Mountain Standard Time year round. As of 2:00 this morning, there are now five: Indiana Stupid Time has gone away, to be replaced by Eastern Daylight Time. Never again will I have to tell customers, friends, and family elsewhere in the country that our relative time difference varies according to what month it is. Oh happy day!

Of course, I'd gotten used to not having to change the 27 clocks in my house twice a year, so I was grousing a little about that today when I had to do it, but it's worth it to finally be able to tell my parents and in-laws in Michigan that we are on the same time as them forever and ever amen. Or at least until the Farm Bureau lobbyists regroup and change the General Assembly's mind again.


Indiana is still on stupid time.
Don't get us wrong, most of us like Daylight Saving time. The stupid legistators just put us on the wrong time zone. Who likes getting up in the dark everyday and going to bed when the sun is still up? Eastern time is for New Yorkers and folks on the coast. Only central time makes sense in this part of the country. Until then Indiana will remain on stupid time.

I'm not hard over one way or the other about which time zone they put us in, just that we went on SOMEBODY's DST. Since I grew up in western Michigan (roughly the same longitude as Elkhart), EST reminds me of my childhood.

I'd rather have longer evenings than earlier mornings. I always felt like full sunlight at 5:30AM was a waste.

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