Of Course, Now That You Know How Easy It Is, You'll Be Expected To Fix The Washer Every Time


The lid switch on my washer (the safety device that forces you to have the lid down before the basket will spin) crapped out over the weekend, just in time to trap us behind an entire laundry room full of dirties (as an aside, it continually surprises me how much laundry can be generated by just three people). After twenty minutes of staring at the thing trying to figure out how to take it apart, and actually unscrewing two screws that accomplished NOTHING, I put the adage "If you can't find it on the internet, it ain't worth knowing" to the test.

Thanks to applianceaid.com, I learned how to quickly and easily pop the ENTIRE CABINET off the washer. Twenty minutes later, I'd managed to replace the lid switch and reassemble the washer without flooding the house, shocking myself, or having any parts left over.

For those of you scoring at home: you have to remove two screws from the console, rotate it out of the way, release two clips holding the back of the washer on, slide the cabinet towards you about half an inch, and lift it up. That's it. YMMV, of course (e.g., I had to remove two pop-off plastic trim pieces to get to my console mount screws), but most new top-loaders work that way.


Sure, I enjoy WTW. As a former resident of the Fort, I also enjoy your perspective about what's going on there.

But your greatest accomplishment as a blogger may be calling our attention to applianceaid.com.

You, sir, are a true friend of the internet.

Thanks, thanks, and thanks. I'm embarrassed to admit that it took me twenty minutes to realize "Y'know, I think I can find something on the Net to help me with this."

I may have to use that site to see whether I can fix my clothes dryer. It's been making a really loud knocking noise.

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