Lots Of Money Gets Hosed Around. Nobody Gets Rich. WTF?

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As if I wasn't already downcycled low enough over my ability to finish anything and get it published, Boing Boing points me to another pile of salt I can rub in my wounds - a look at the numbers behind paperback publishing:

Book #1 is a mass market romance novel called Crichton is an Idiot by a brand new author named Aeryn Sun. She doesn't know anyone, and no one's heard of her. You, her loving and caring editor, call in every single favor you've got, but no one has time. You do not take this as a bad sign that no one really likes the book at all, but you take everyone at their word. (This is your mistake. Although, of course, you've already bought the book -- there's not much you can do at this point.)
After a REALLY depressing series of transactions (during which, I assure you, not even the author makes very much)...
$26,971.40 is the net total this book earns for the publishing company. You have lost your company:

$12,500 + $36,000 - $26,971.40 = $21,528.60

And this is totally normal.

Guess I won't be giving up the day job anytime soon.

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