He Had To Use The Chain Saw - His Cutting Torch Was Out Of Fuel


Bonus double WTW! Presented without further comment: Man sets self ablaze using chainsaw to open gas tank

An Ottawa man is in serious condition and was airlifted to the burn unit at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto after accidentally setting himself on fire yesterday morning while trying to cut open a gas tank with a chainsaw.

The Ottawa Fire Department said 62-year-old Stanley Hill had been doing some cleanup work on a rural property at 4679 Ridge Rd., off Walkley Road, about 10 a.m. when, they believe, a spark from the saw caused a small explosion and a flash of fire to spread up his body and head.

White Trash Wednesday

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Your headline was better. When are the newsies going to stop taking death, injury, and mayhem so matter-of-factly?

I have to admit, it did make me think. Assuming that you actually have a good reason to cut open a gas tank, how do you do it _without_ blowing yourself up?

You get your neighbor to do it.

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