But At Least They'll Float After The Next Hurricane Hits

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While perusing this Porkbusters article on The Blogfather, I encountered a very interesting quote from Don Surber:

Earmarks also can lead to insider playing. His [Rep. Allen Mollohan's (D-WV) (although the original NYT article doesn't mention his party until verrrrry late in the article)] ex-staffer Laura Kuhns now heads the Vandalia Heritage Foundation and sits on the boards of three other nonprofits that catch earmark money. Her Vandalia salary alone is $102,000 a year.

She and her husband are partners with Mollohan and his wife in five properties in Bald Head Island, N.C., worth $2 million.

BHI is the island just east of my favorite vacation spot. I've never been there - it's accessible only by ferry and I don't feel like spending $30 just to walk/ride around on it (since there are no cars) - but I've seen a lot of pictures of it. If they own five properties on BHI totalling only $2M, then those five properties are probably dumpsters. I suspect there's even more non-Euclidian accounting going on here than we think.

Update: I suppose they could be condos, but I don't think BHI has any. On the other hand, I may have found the properties that the Kuhns and Mollohans own! Go here and search in the price range of $250K - $500K.


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