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White Trash Wednesday

I imagine the whole WTW team is jumping on this story, and since it's noonish ET at press time I'm probably late to the party, but I have to mention it anyway: LA County child welfare officials visited the White Trash Palace last weekend:

Britney Spears' parenting woes haven't gone away just yet. Two months after she was caught driving with her then-4-month-old son Sean Preston sitting unrestrained in her lap, reports surfaced Tuesday that Los Angeles County child welfare officials and a sheriff's deputy visited her Malibu home over the weekend. Officials would not say what prompted their visit, but at least one tabloid's reported that they were looking into an incident in which Sean fell from his high chair and injured his head. [emphasis added]
I wonder if it's standard procedure for a deputy to provide an escort in this situation. If it isn't, I can think of two reasons they'd do it this time:
  1. Perceived risk to the social worker.
  2. The expectation that somebody was going to be arrested.
Since you don't expect social workers to be at risk in Malibu, what does that leave?

About Sean Preston's 'Humpty Dumpty' impersonation:

The Star reported Sean was treated briefly at a Los Angeles hospital six days after the fall for what was described as a minor "scalp fracture" and blood clot caused by the fall. The Star claimed a distraught Spears brought Sean to the hospital because he was sleeping more than normal.

My son, obviously, was once four months old. Had he fallen out of his high chair and hit his head, it would have been cause for a trip to the doctor's office THE SAME DAY. Actually, given our paranoia as clueless first-time parents, it probably would have meant a trip to the ER, but I'm giving Spears and Neckerline the benefit of the doubt here.

Maybe they wanted to avoid publicity over the accident; I can understand that. But surely in Malibu they can find a discreet pediatrician willing to make house calls.

Update: Other reports indicate that they did indeed take him to the doctor the same day, so sorry about that last part. But the mental picture of a social worker and a cop showing up on the doorstep of the White Trash First Family still makes me giggle.

It's White Trash Wednesday! Take the whole tour:



One more reason for the deputy's accompaniment, mitigation of potential post-incident celebrity attitude flare-up?

I'd file that one under 'expectation that somebody was going to be arrested,' on the premise that when celebrities throw fits, they don't really care who's around...

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