Update: You Mean That Steaks Don't Magically Appear Shrink-Wrapped At My Supermarket?

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White Trash Wednesday

An update to a local WTW story from last June - Man pleads guilty to theft over dismembered cow:

A man accused of killing, dismembering and taking the legs off a cow last summer has pleaded guilty to a felon theft charge.

Nineteen-year-old Perry Dominguez, of Angola, will be sentenced May 22. A plea agreement filed in court Monday asks the judge to sentence Dominguez to two years in prison, but suspend all but six months.

The cow was found June 24 in a pasture by its owner, Terry Penick, on his farm near Orland about 40 miles north of Fort Wayne.

Court documents say the cow was stabbed and was missing its legs and throat.

I'll have a full WTW story later today, involving a British chick who's a real piece of work, and who appears to be irretrievably broken even though she's only 14.

It's White Trash Wednesday! Take the whole tour:


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