I'd Recommend He Say He Spent The Time On Death Row

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So the mayor of Gary is resigining because $107k/year isn't enough to put two kids through college, so he needs a better-paying job:

GARY – Mayor Scott King announced Thursday he is resigning after 11 years in office, leaving his $107,000-a-year job to return to the private sector to earn more money to pay for his children’s college.

“This is a great job except for the pay,” he said. “I don’t know this for sure, but I think I’m one of the few mayors to take a pay cut coming into this job. Over the last 11 years, that fact has been a challenge.”
So that means he's probably going to have to go on interviews and stuff. How is he going to deal with the resume stain of being mayor of Gary for 11 years? (by the way, when someone from Cameroon says that Gary is a bad place to live, it gets your attention!)

He couldn't possibly be resigning for other reasons, can he?

In February 2004, three Gary officials were indicted for allegedly making false statements to federal investigators, including former deputy mayor Geraldine Tousant, whom King embraced during his news conference.

Charges against Tousant and Vaness Dabney, of the city's Redevelopment Department, were dropped. City Park Supt. Kimberly E. Lyles pleaded guilty last year and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.


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