I'd Call It A Freudian Slip, But I Think Freud Is Haraam

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The Army has published a HOWTO on dealing with Arab culture. A lot of it is pretty elementary, but I learned quite a bit I didn't know before, e.g.:

Not eating everything on one's plate is considered a compliment. It is a sign of wealth when an Arab can afford to leave food behind.
Most Arabs DO NOT share the American concept of "personal space" in public situations, and in private meetings or conversations. It is considered OFFENSIVE TO STEP OR LEAN AWAY!
Shake Hands with right hand only and at the beginning and end of any visit. Shake hands longer but less firmly than in the West. Left hand grasps elbow...
Of course, evil Arabophobe that I am, I immediately thought "...so you can wipe your left hand on his robes."

But the one that really got my attention was this:

Ka'ba - located in Mecca, it is the most scared site in Islam. Muslims pray five times a day facing toward Ka'ba [emphasis added].
My first thought was that it was a typo for 'sacred.' My second thought was that maybe 'scared' was the right term after all. [H/T Secrecy News]

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I think there's something else about only using the right hand to eat with, as the left hand is considered unclean because it's the one used to wipe... or something of that nature.

Hell, I just wash my hands afterward...

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