Clearly He Wasn't Drunk Enough To Affect His Aim

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White Trash Wednesday

(It's White Trash Wednesday in my head, anyway. I tend to get behind the calendar curve when I take a Monday off work)

Once again, I can get my WTW entry from a local story that broke this week:

A 35-year-old Fort Wayne man told a judge he had no excuse for setting another man on fire in June and apologized Monday in Allen Superior Court minutes before being sentenced to 30 years in prison.

. . .

A probable cause affidavit said Roland put a gas hose into the window of his car while at a service station June 29, pumping gasoline on Matthew Marlett, and then used a cigarette lighter to ignite the gasoline. Marlett was hospitalized with severe burns to his torso and arms.

A woman who was also in the car at the time was able to get out before being burned, court records show. Roland told police after his arrest that he hoped Marlett died and admitted setting him afire, court records show.
What was reported on TV but not in the newspaper was that Roland and his friends were arguing about whether Roland was too drunk to drive. Imagine that!

It's White Trash Wednesday! Take the whole tour:


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