And I Completely Missed The Fact That The Dual-Monitor Rig Appears To Be Staring At Her

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We used to worship a CDC Cyber 170 Model 750 when I was at Michigan State - and I mean that almost literally. We called the computer center the Cyber Castle, and there was a viewing room where you could watch the various vestmented (OK, lab-coated) acolytes and deacons tend to the Cyber. Since the room had steps along each wall (for better viewing for the vertically-challenged, I guess) that looked a lot like the kneelers you'd find in a Catholic church, we dubbed the room the Cyber Chapel.

And if our Cyber had had a priestess like this Cyber had, I might still be there, staring at her with my face pressed up against the glass.

Although I'd wonder why she appears to have two different kinds of hair.

Courtesy of James Lileks' Institute of Official Cheer.

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Like I'm looking at her hair.

Very, very nice legs. If I may so sexist, I'd like to see her stand up so I could check out her backside.

Wow, what a loser I am, leering at a photo from 35 years ago, wondering what a woman's ass looks like.

Go A&M over Syracuse! (another pipe dream)

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