Working Title: 'Brokeback Mosque'

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If you thought the Islamofascists got their burkas in a wad over the Mohammad caricatures, just wait until they get a load of this movie:

Sandi Dubowski, who won the Teddy gay and lesbian award in 2001 for his controversial doc "Trembling Before G-d," may cause an even bigger stir with "In the Name of Allah," which explores the struggles of homosexual Muslims.

Gay Indian Muslim helmer Parvez Sharma is directing the pic, which looks at gay, lesbian, and transgender Muslims across the Muslim and Western worlds.

And forget Sundance, Cannes, and all the 'right' film festivals - they're headed right into the lions' den:

Sharma and Dubowski plan to submit the pic to all major festivals in the Muslim world as well as in the West, but if it's rejected, Dubowski said, "We'll find ways of screening it in every Muslim nation, even if it's underground."
Good luck with that. And 'underground' sounds right - six feet underground, probably.

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6 feet under indeed-- this is the modern socioreligious equivalent of "hey, watch this!"

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