Tonight, On A Very Special Episode Of Full House...

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White Trash Wednesday

The White Trash intoxicants of choice are cheap beer and meth - guess which one Jodie Sweetin preferred. Hint: you don't drink it:

Feb. 1, 2006 — As Stephanie Tanner on the 1990s hit sitcom "Full House," child actress Jodie Sweetin portrayed a young, innocent girl who lived in a happy, healthy supportive home.

. . .

When the show ended in 1995, she said she wanted to be a normal kid. She went to high school and college and by age 20 was married to a Los Angeles police officer — TV older sister Candice Cameron was in the wedding party.

But two years ago, she found herself dangerously addicted to one of the most debilitating drugs, methamphetamine. She said she was unemployed and bored and began simply by experimenting. Soon, she was using meth everyday.

The tabloid press reported a three-day bender as well as an intervention staged by her "Full House" castmates — including the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, John Stamos and Bob Saget. [emphasis added]

Wow. When Skeletor and Sister Of Skeletor are in your intervention, you know you've hit bottom. And The Road More Traveled takes a crack (heh) at the question "How come Officer Hubby never figured it out?"

It's White Trash Wednesday! Take the whole tour:


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