So I Bought A Watchdog, But They Stole Him Too


I saw a commercial for the alarm company ADT over the weekend, showing various evildoers deterred by the presence of an ADT alarm system - actually more by the sign indicating the presence of an alarm system, since you have to figure it's unlikely that they see the sign, then bust a window, then run away when the alarm goes off. It occurred to me that you really wouldn't need the alarm system at all - the warning sign would be enough.

Of course, since ADT wouldn't want to sell you just the sign, you'd have to steal it from somebody who already had one. Oh, the irony.


Do you hate those adt commercials as much as I do? I keep thinking that after the bad guy kicks in the door the women and children flee up the stairs what if he didn't run away? Wht if he knew that even with a alarm system help would not come until the alarm company called to see if everthing all right and then send help. He could have killed them all by the time the guy at the monitering station called and when they dont answer do you think he would send help? Moe then likely they would think it was a false alarm and ignore it. By then the whole family is dead the house ransacked and the bad guy long gone. The comercial does not give me much confidence in their ability to keep me and mine safe. That has always botherd me and since you mentioned the add I thought I would to. Love your blog, I found you becasue i big fan of 24.

My neighbors have an alarm service, and they tell me that if the followup call isn't answered, the service notifies the police. Of course, this raises the question of how long it will take the police to respond...

Thanks for the kind words, too.

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