Personally, I Would Have Moved To Someplace Without Wells. Or Storm Drains.

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Monday on Bob & Tom, there was a report of a Baby Jessica sighting. Guess what? Girl's all growed up now and done got herself hitched:

KRISTI LEE: Do you remember the dramatic rescue of Baby Jessica when she fell down the well, remember, she was eighteen months old?


KRISTI LEE: Believe it or not, Baby Jessica is a baby no longer; she was married over the weekend.

BOB KEVOIAN: No kidding?

KRISTI LEE: She is now nineteen years old, and she apparently tied the knot Saturday at a rural church outside Midland, Texas. She's nineteen; her husband, 32-year-old Daniel Morales.
She's nineteen; he's 32. Today is White Trash Wednesday. Total coincidence, I assure you. But here's the line that knocked me off the elliptical machine (the timing was good; had it happened ten minutes earlier, I would have dropped a barbell on my head):
CHICK MCGEE: I bet they're on city water.

Of course, this being Bob & Tom, they proceeded to beat all the funny out of that line over the next hour and a half.


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