From Russia With Love For Valentine's Day

| No Comments is like the Russian - they have the best stories:

But my favorite is this one: Russian oligarch does not mind his beautiful wife starring in softcore porn film:

The wife of an influential Russian banker, Olga Rodionova, 31, shocked the Moscow elite when she posed nude for several men's magazines. Now she is going to act in a softcore porn film

. . .

Olga Rodionova, the owner of a fashionable boutique and a mother of a ten-year-old girl, says there is no problem if a woman wants to show her wonderful body. “I think there is nothing bad about erotic scenes in my film. I have always dreamt of being an actress and I think a nude body is an art. I have no time to dispute with those who criticize my photos; these people are just narrow-minded. I feel sorry for them because they see no difference between pornography and erotica,” Olga Rodionova says.
Hubby's take?
It is said that the husband approves of his wife's doings and even paid for some of the photo sessions himself.

Sergey Rodionov, 44, says that he was the first who took a nude picture of his wife. Some of Rodionov's business partners interpret Olga's behavior as adultery. “I tell my wife that rumors will die away soon, and the pictures will remind her of her young beauty even at the age of 90. I feel proud of her,” Sergey says.

Which reminds me of the old joke:

Guy goes into the confessional and tells the priest, "Father, I fornicated with a beautiful woman I just met, all weekend long. My place, her place, the car, the choir loft, everywhere.

"My son," the priest says, "Your penance is to say twenty - "

"But Father, I'm not Catholic."

"Then why are you telling me this?"

"Telling you? I'm telling everybody!"

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