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White Trash Wednesday

Meth makes it way too easy to write WTW entries. Apparently this Arkansas schoolteacher felt the need to supplement her income with a little lab work:

As if the smoke in their classrooms wasn’t enough, a Sherwood Elementary School teacher has been arrested for smoking meth and operating a meth lab in her home.
Detective Ben Skeel, with the Sherwood street crimes division of the Sherwood police department, received information Jan. 27 about a third-grader at Sherwood Elementary who had a very strong chemical body odor. The child lived at 202 Sherwood Ave. and his mother was a schoolteacher. According to Skeel’s source, the child’s safety was in danger, and the chemical smell was from a meth lab.
On Feb. 2, Skeel received information that April Ashworth, 35, a teacher at the school, had an unusual chemical body odor. Ashworth had missed an unusual amount of work in the weeks prior, had undergone a drastic mood change, and had lost an unknown amount of weight in the past couple of months.

. . .

...on Feb. 17, Ashworth went to the Sherwood police department to give information about her sister, Charity. Skeel reported Ashworth’s pupils were dilated and she “had several open wounds on her face which are common for methamphetamine users to have, commonly referred to as picking at imaginary bugs that are crawling on their skin.”

I wonder if she also taught home ec?

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Open sores on the face is indicative of meth use? Dear God: it really is an epidemic (no pun intended). Just look at all the kids in high school who fit that description!

But seriously, you have to wonder about a drug that makes people so stupid when they're taking it that they'd go to a police station while under the influence. I'll stick with martinis... which I know should only be consumed at home.

That's one thing I love about our neighborhood get-togethers - almost everybody can just walk home afterwards!

Of course, if meth were involved, they'd all be RUNNING home...

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